Monday, March 2, 2009

"Wake up!"

I keep hearing! As if I've fallen asleep in the middle of the sidewalk and someone can't get past me. This must all be a dream. Right?

A movie, maybe, screened just for you. Or is it me? I went to a Drive-Thru in Idaho once that had a really gigantic potato outside the gate. It was made of some kind of plaster, sitting in a truck bed. I remember getting a really big kick out of it. There's even a picture of me standing on the truck bed next to it. I bet a lot of people stopped and took pictures of their kids like that. I guess even at 15 it never escaped me that this life is truly the theatre of the absurd.

I'm curious about what impact my own absurdity has inflicted. Not to say I have so much of an impact, really, but, nevertheless, I think I've become mean. And people don't like mean girls. I already told you about Tina Fey proving that one.

So what is it that I am doing that I need to wake up from!?