Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pose / Counterpose

I pose for you trying to find my repose,
The act of stillness is exhausting.
I search for silence, but come up lost,
So I bury my mind in madness.

An ostrich buries its head too (but for clarity),
and I know only flamingos.
Forgetting to counterpose, I ache.   
On the days I remember, I still burn.

Looking to elevate my mood I review rooftops,
and recognize that they require ambition.
Today I am lacking, so I seek comfort in creatures
with lower expectations, (mostly because I do not understand them).

I try to touch you without touching you with no success.
Thumbing through my notebook for inspiration,
I instead stumble into a fall on accident.
You used to think I'm beautiful

(and probably still do).
It doesn't matter either way as I am not what you want.
I go back to pose and breathe - balance out of reach
(like your arms around me).

Like a tree I stand; my limbs, free, while
Rings rage internal.
Someday I will come to terms with birds
and accept pigeons among doves.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Rape, I Plunder

I walk with Midnight - deep, dark, milky in its way.
Forward in mind, I declare, eyes closed.
What is there to see but the shadowy moon readying its defeat?
In my path lays the sun, and behold a pale horse.
There is no following here, and my patience runs thin.

I make bets on wingtips, though I cull rubber souls.
Freedom abounds but comes only in pairs, leaving me
alone in silence to collect my loss.
My skin rejects me with no apology, and I wish for new fingertips.
I bleed. I breathe. I beg. I burn.

I swim with the Samurai, solitude seeking.
There is no freewill only knowledge in this realm;
and it escapes me, like my dreams,
dragging behind infinity ad nauseam.
Drop the weight of it like hammers and try to wake again. Again.

I bathe in sweat, fretting the presence of more salt.
A fortress of tears holds hard but I refuse to be trapped here.
I ignore despair, and ask for clarity amongst the clouds.
Erase this from my landscape, I say, so that I may sleep soundly again.
And break open my heart to let go the wandering warrior.