Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking Words

Somewhere in the middle of a crowded room
we created a heavy loom.
I kissed you a whisper.
With it, you formed a secret and let it fester.

I walk home to wash the rain from my feet.
I loved you I think.
I stay up too late unable to sleep,
sit and wonder how I came to hear this
all alone
on repeat.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confessions of an Audiowhore

Editor's Note: I wrote this to submit to for their "People I Never Intended to Sleep With" Contest. while my submission was late, I thought I'd post it here for your enjoyment. 

Admittedly, I am a music snob, so my internal Wild Flag should have started waving immediately.  We met at the bar the night of the Archers of Loaf show. Impressed by my beer-and-bourbon order, we talked about this and that, discovered we had an affinity for other single (barrel) music fans, and exchanged numbers. He had never heard of the Archers, but was in a good company of fans, so I let it slide.

After about 2 weeks of much idiotic texting (apparently no one calls anyone anymore), we decided to meet for a date – a drink and a show. The Love Language. I know, how romantic. During our pre-show beers, he made the following fatal mistake.

He asked me, “So, who’s your favorite band?” I hate this question. It’s the one you ask when you have nothing else to say. I struggled, producing bands I’ve been into for years, and threw in a few I thought he might know. As a Michigander, I expected him to be a fan of The White Stripes. “No, not really,” he grimaced. Instead, he revealed that he was in fact a fan of Kid Rock “not even ironically!” I cringed inside, especially when he said he couldn’t find anyone to go with him to the show in a few weeks, and put his hand on my knee smiling as if I would find this charming.   
I did not, but I was pretty horny. After a few beers, we headed to see the band. After a few more beers and a bourbon, I let him slide his hands around my waist. After another bourbon, I felt myself leaning against his Midwestern-Kid-Rock-loving chest. After another bourbon, I let him talk me into going home with him on the premise that he would “pay for a cab in the morning.”

That part I didn’t remember as well until the next morning when he handed me a $20. I chirped, “oh yeah, thanks” trying not to feel like a prostitute and continued to fumble around for my clothes. Well, before that exchange, we had some fairly unremarkable sex (in which when I suggested he “slow down a little,” he replied “I don’t have much time” having to be at work in 30 minutes). After he came (and I was nowhere near it) we took a shower and I prepped myself for the trip home in the harsh light of a sober Saturday morning. Made harsher still by the fact that my underwear was nowhere to be found and I was wearing jeans.  

He sent me a text a week later that said “guess what I found?!” looking to see if I’d come to collect. Since I’d kept the money and walked home, I figured he’d paid for my loss. Though I was tempted as I did really like that pair of underwear. Far more than the hairy, bad-in-bed man I left on the doorstep.

Hopefully he found solace in his favorite band, I always do.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From 0-30: Poetry Lesson

Sometimes the stupidest things make me think of you. I'm talking completely useless reminders that have only one apparent goal: to make me miss you. It happens enough that I decided to stop being so sad and annoyed by it and just be grateful that I loved someone so fucking much that even when he turned out to be a complete loser, I was strong enough to get over.    

This time, it was the Neo-Futurists on This American Life that sent me into the depths of your memories. Its a scene between a man and a women in which instead of words, they simply exchange meaning.

Him: Statement.
     Statment. {cough}
Her: Agreement.
Him: Reassuring statement.
     Confident statement.
     Confident statement.
     Overconfident statement.
Her: Question?
Him: Elaborate defensive excuse.
     {audience laughter}
Her: Half-hearted agreement.
Him: Insecure statement.
     Distracted statement.
     Absurd statment.
Her: Clarification question?
Him: Panicked bullshit explanation.
     {audience laughter}
     Quick meaningless comic nonsequitur.
     Fake laughter.
     Fake laughter.

LESSON EIGHT: Lord T was right, 'tis better to have loved and lost than not loved at all. (Even if sometimes it makes you feel stupid for ever doing so at all).