Friday, April 15, 2011

Handful of Things

Close your eyes. 
Come one, do it. 
Actually, before you do that, put your purse on your lap. 
Ok, now close your eyes and reach in. 
Grab a handful of things.
Not one of those wimpy handfuls, I'm talking a hand full.
Without opening your eyes, can you already guess what you've got?
Yeah. I thought so.
Now, while your holding that handful of things, 
think about what it would be like if you reached your hand inside your heart.
What would you find there?

To be fair, I'll close my eyes too,
and think about my handful of things.
I came up with these.

Hot Showers
Fresh flowers
Kisses all over
Crimson and clover
Fingers in your hair
Lots of laughter
Scrambled eggs with toast
and fruit to boot!
Mix tapes and concert tickets
The big spoon if you like it
The small spoon if you like that too
A hug so tight you forget that you were you
                 (Oh wait, that was me)
What a way to be.