Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dream A Little Dream

I dreamed of the mountains. Soft, rolling hills covered in lush green trees - must be the Appalachians. I know my Blue Ridge when I see it, even in my sleep. I hiked in this dream, alone, up a carefully graveled, winding path (maybe a road). I didn't know where it led, but I was not scared. I thought of my friends and their dogs, and the many hikes we have been on together, but I somehow knew I journeyed on my own.

I kept climbing, and soon found myself at a gate at the bottom of another path - this time smaller and covered in dense, low hanging branches. I made my way through the gate and stumbled into some one's yard. I looked around and found myself approaching a great wooden house full of glass windows. I walked toward the house and came to a door. I peered into the window on the door and saw what seemed to be a living room that led out onto a great, long porch that perched on the edge of the mountain top. There were rockers and lean, laid back chairs (I mean, who wouldn't want that on a porch like this?)

I peered out onto the porch and saw that instead of a structure made of wood or stone, a curved wall of glass exposed the view. It seemed to go on forever. Just as I began to comprehend what I had stumbled onto, I was discovered. A man came from the kitchen and spoke to me, smiling, "And who are you?"

Startled, I stumbled out, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to just come on in", and turned to leave. He looked gentle and said, "It's no problem. My name is Ethan." I shook his hand, backed away and quickly made my exit, more embarrassed than frightened. I took off down the path, through the gate and back onto the road. I blinked repeatedly, moved my fingers through my hair and snickered. What a strange encounter. Made stranger still by an approaching car - the man, Ethan, driving, a woman and two children riding along. They slowed and waved as they passed, smiling. I thought to myself (then in the dream), and again when I woke up, who is Ethan, and why were they so glad to see me in their home?