Saturday, February 7, 2009

Your room is my favorite band.

Going to see a band you love is like walking into your lover's room for the first time. All the intricate details are exposed, revealed, layers are peeled off. You get an idea of who they really are, how they really work.

It's sexy, really. Talent revealed in such a raw way. Like finger tips on your neck still standing up before he's even kissed you. The floor vibrating from the sound of the guitar plowing through your toes up into the moment that you bite your lip from excitement. There's so much to take in. Eye contact. Or maybe you're turned on and you think the drummer spotted you in the crowd and liked the look of you. Your lover wants to devour you as you devour the walls and surfaces around you.

You tilt your head. Listening, watching, thinking... oh, that sound in that song really was from the keyboard. Oh, that's the smell of him next to me.

Before you know it, he is next to you, and the he's got his chance to take you on like you took on his room. The show is in full swing and you know when it ends you will want to listen to them again and think about that eye contact, the voice in the microphone, that first rip on the guitar that sent a shiver up your spin. With the thought of that, maybe you wish you you'd invited your lover over to see your room... Or maybe what you really want is the one who makes you feel like that all the time.

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