Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Penny For Your Thoughts Isn't Enough Anymore... Apparently, Neither is 44 Cents

It's no surprise that as we attach ourselves more and more into the underbelly of the digital age that the USPS would be struggling to pay off its debts. I, for one, know that I've contributed to the demise of the postal service as much as I've tried to save it. The automatic debit system applied within most every company out there is completely untrustworthy. I still write checks, still send packages, letters and post cards. Hell, I sent a package to South Korea once. What more could the Post Office want? I'll tell you right now, it wasn't cheap. But, at the same time, no matter how many letters or postcards or bills that I send, I still end up back online. It's a dilemma, to say the least, maybe even a moral one at times, because embracing the digital age comes with pros and cons that are as different as waking up to find it's Friday and waking up to find it's really just Monday.

I blog, I email, I Facebook for crying out loud! I order movies, books, music, art, clothes... all of it, online. I've even gone out on a few dates based on an electronic spark... and not much else (note, I'm still freaked out by, but that's another story all together). With all of this business completed with the click of a button and the clack of a key, it's no wonder Americans feel so isolated. I think I truly only know three people who own "land lines", one is my Grandparents, so I don't even know if that counts. Even my Nana has a cell phone... she's 82.

I don't know, maybe it's pure nostalgia that gets me a little misty to see that stack of sadly discarded mailboxes, or maybe it's something far more frightening... we really are coming to the end of an era.

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kmackay said...

love this. well written! funny you say "hell...i did this thing" twice.