Monday, April 5, 2010

April's Mantra

I will not say disparaging words about my body, instead I will be thankful that I am healthy and happy (well, mostly...)
I will remember that sometimes it's okay to over-indulge.
I will find balance in what I do today that will make up for the mistakes I may have made yesterday.
I will not drink a glass of wine tonight.
I will remember that I am loved.
I will be thankful for my gifts.
I will think of the good things, not the bad.
I will remember that I was once there too.
I will not feel defeated.
I will continue to sing favorite lyrics and listen to songs on repeat.
I will work out after class tonight.
I will not stay up that extra 30 minutes because I tell myself I am not tired, when in fact, I am.
I will not be hateful in the morning.
I will not be discouraged by things that are beyond my control.
I will smile because it's nice.
I will spend my energy thinking good thoughts for those who need them instead of wasting that energy on negativity.
I will remember that most things have a purpose, even if it is not clear.
And I will not have a glass of wine tonight.


Christina said...

These are brilliant. I have total faith in you.

kmackay said...

wonderful and honest.