Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please Don't Really Start Calling Me Miss Lohan...

Though you have threatened to, and this week, it's fitting. I have been running my ass ragged this week with something to do every night since last Saturday. So, as expected, I am COMPLETELY exhausted today, and actually fell asleep at the dentist office this morning... in the chair. It was the perfect little nap I needed- plus I'm cavity free! I won't mention that I'm wearing the same outfit I wore last night... we'll get to that.

Anyway, today is most definitely living proof that I need to put on the breaks and just chillax at my house... DEAD SOBER. Truly. I just realized too that I have tickets to a show tonight and other tickets to a show tomorrow night, but I know I can't do both. I know, I must be completely exhausted to skip a show... but I just don't think my body can handle it. Ok, let me back up.

The one thing about starting to see someone, especially someone whose schedule is the near-opposite of yours, is that when you do see each other, it's usually late, involves a lot of social obligations, and tends to be a little hectic and emotionally over-stimulating. I mean, I already have a pretty healthy social life to begin with... proof is in the pudding, starting last Saturday, and plowing right into the end of this week, my calendar was and is full of things to do.

So, starting with last Saturday. For the past few month's my Gay Husband Michael and I have been spending the day together getting boozed up and running around town. Last Saturday was no exception as we made our way to the Nats game. We got all kinds of twisted, had a hot dog and some peanuts.. you know, the works... and it was fabulous. I ended up taking a nap then riding my bike across town to pick up some goodies, and found my way to a certain some one's bar, where I was invited to stay till close, then stay the night. I, of course, didn't say no..  nor did I say no to a Sunday invitation... It's my favorite day, and this one I spent with said certain someone (who happens to think I'm cute). We did not stay sober, and I did not stay in my own room... again... so it's usually inevitable that the sleep isn't the best under those circumstances.

Monday was my last day of school for the Spring semester, so of course we had to go out and celebrate... I mean hello! We survived Copyright Law (snooooore!), and I seriously still had not gotten that Reuben I'd been craving since before St. Patrick's Day. So that was of course a good time... and again, not "quality" sleep.

Tuesday was Earth Day and a birthday, so of course my Gay Husband and I had to get together and do it up right! I'll just say that we may or may not be a bad influence on each other, and tend to not only go overboard, but to practically drown in our ridiculousness. Tuesday was no exception. Hence, Wednesday was a blur... I know it involved recovering from a black out and some how mustering the strength to work out enough to sweat out the toxins before some managing to have more. Why? Lord knows... but luckily I was mostly good on Wednesday and didn't feel like too much of an Alchy.

Too much...

Thursday I went against my better judgement and ended up skipping the gym, heading to the grocery store, drinking wine at my house until I was too bored to stay home, and showing up at Playbill for some good ole Karaoke. Despite the fact that Friday was already a planned night out- Happy Hour Party and whatever may follow. I stopped in to say hi to my pals at Black Cat, and while definitely had a buzz going, was not a complete mess... I saved that for Saturday. Boy how. Hot. Mess. I went to a drag show with my friend Brooke to see her Gay Husband dance, and we got TORE UP. Not sure about some of that evening, but the pictures look like I had a good time... yikes.

And last night... oh, last night... I finally made it out for my date! I got all dressed up real cute (as noted earlier, I am still wearing the outfit, so it must be cute) and we took off for the night. Dinner at Grillfish, where we consumed an insane amount of seafood (and cake, mmmm) topped off with a few glasses of wine. After an early meal, we made our way to the neighborhood to have a cocktail or two, while the poor thing got accosted by my Gay Husband and his honey... though it appears they were only trying to prove a point, that I am loved and they will fuck you up. :) After leaving that scene we watched Men Who Stare at Goats. What a bizarre flick, but a great addition to a date night.  All and all, if I hadn't been so tired last night, and for some dumb reason unable to sleep, I might not feel as crummy as I do today. I am so looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home over a home-cooked meal and some quality TV watching. Doesn't that sound amazing? Yeah, I thought so too.

This week I've got some activities on deck, so I am going to try my damnedest not to over do it again. I guess I'm just leaving April bruised and battered and looking forward to a fresh new May. I already know it's bringing good things my way, and I hope the same for you.

P.S. This blog is s day late, but NOT a dollar short. I was such a good girl yesterday, I even got to sleep at a decent hour, didn't have a single cocktail and came to work early! How's that for conquering Monday...  bitches.


Erin said...

Glad you are having fun but don't run yourself ragged!

Bike ride soon? We can make it a booze cruise if that's necessary! ;-P

Shelby said...

Would love to go on a bike ride... I want to test the trail to Alexandria...

kmackay said...

damn girl. i'm not sure i'll be able to keep up with you when i'm living on the northside of DC.