Thursday, August 5, 2010


Fill me up!
To the brim if you have to
(though its likely I'm already overflowing).

I want to be a balloon,
Tied tightly to a pack of my pretty peers, haplessly floating...
But somehow less full of hot air and more full of possibilities.

There couldn't have been any helium involved
I feel too deflated,
like I've been blown up by a little kid at a birthday party.

Deep sighs need not RSVP to this pity party
But I'll keep you on the list of "maybes" for the next one
because god they feel good sometimes.

In the meantime, let's expel some of that hot air -
I could stand to drop a little attitude,
maybe adopt a new altitude.

Try a new kind of high
One notch lower than my usual set
(But not enough to let any old gust or breeze slip in).