Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hope So Loud

Dear Hate,

Lately I've been thinking about those days we spent on the beach together way back when. All day we were nothing more than flirting friends, then all night we were enraptured. We lay next to each other trying to ignore the sounds around us - the waves, the wind, our friends in the loft above us, our own wet breath lingering in the awkward silence of the cold night air. You gave me the left earphone and kept the right and we tried to drown the noise. I remember you thinking we could sop up the sound of love. Now sometimes when I dream of drowning I wake up with your taste in my mouth. Funny the things we remember, though I don't recall what was playing. Modest Mouse maybe, or something like that. It's blurred a bit and tends to mingle with other occasions that didn't involve sharing mini-microphones. I admit I can't always keep up. 

Anyway, I miss those days. Back then, hope was so loud it was offensive in some circles.

But never in mine,


Adena said...

oh, modest mouse.

kmackay said...

love it. the shared earphones...yup. the stale leftover taste of hate...yup. keep it going dear.