Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From 0-30: Poetry Lesson

Sometimes the stupidest things make me think of you. I'm talking completely useless reminders that have only one apparent goal: to make me miss you. It happens enough that I decided to stop being so sad and annoyed by it and just be grateful that I loved someone so fucking much that even when he turned out to be a complete loser, I was strong enough to get over.    

This time, it was the Neo-Futurists on This American Life that sent me into the depths of your memories. Its a scene between a man and a women in which instead of words, they simply exchange meaning.

Him: Statement.
     Statment. {cough}
Her: Agreement.
Him: Reassuring statement.
     Confident statement.
     Confident statement.
     Overconfident statement.
Her: Question?
Him: Elaborate defensive excuse.
     {audience laughter}
Her: Half-hearted agreement.
Him: Insecure statement.
     Distracted statement.
     Absurd statment.
Her: Clarification question?
Him: Panicked bullshit explanation.
     {audience laughter}
     Quick meaningless comic nonsequitur.
     Fake laughter.
     Fake laughter.

LESSON EIGHT: Lord T was right, 'tis better to have loved and lost than not loved at all. (Even if sometimes it makes you feel stupid for ever doing so at all).

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kmackay said...

totally heard this the other day during my drive from AVL with Abbey to Penland. it made me think of someone too.