Friday, February 27, 2009

That 25 things you say about yourself that I refuse to publish on Facebook.

So I'll put it here.

1. I like to talk… a lot.
2. I have a really big heart.
3. Excessive noise drives me insane.
4. When I say insane, I really mean it. I turn into a mean, mean girl. We’re not talking Tina Fey "Mean Girls", but Tina Fey is really awesome, so I’d take that compliment.
5. Until I turned 12, hit puberty, and got rid of my braces, everyone said I looked like Punky Brewster. Even complete strangers.
6. I’ll have a Bourbon on the rocks please.
7. Repeat is my favorite feature on any listening avenue.
8. I love words like tickle, though I’m not a huge fan of being tickled, well… unless it’s by someone I really like. He can tickle me if he wants to.
9. Dirty is a pretty great word too…
10. I can’t live without music.
11. I miss climbing trees, skipping down the street, doing cartwheels out of nowhere, riding my bike in the woods and building forts out of sheets.
12. Coffee must enter my system at some point in the day or I get very cranky.
13. When I get kissed by a boy, I like it when he puts his hands on my face.
14. I don’t wear much make up, or many high heels, but I do paint my fingernails... A lot.
15. I fall in love all the time, but really its only been with you.
16. I miss North Carolina so much it hurts sometimes.
17. I do not, however, miss Tennessee that much.
18. Apparently I look like my Aunt Jeanne, not my Mom.
19. I’m still friends with people I’ve known since I was five.
20. One day I will publish something.
21. Solidarity suits me as I am an only child.
22. But I love to go out!
23. I’m not afraid to die.
24. Seriously.
25. My bed is one of my all time favorite places to be, ever.

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