Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, Of Course...

So, this is the horoscope that greeted me today... I'm a Virgo you know, so you might have gotten it too...

A big-hearted angel could enter your life now, bringing love, a business opportunity or a chance to travel. Receiving a generous gift is another possible manifestation of the wonderful Venus-Jupiter conjunction falling in your 7th House of Partners. Either way you're likely to be pleasantly surprised, assuming that you are able to accept what is being offered to you at this time.

I think my favorite part is the last line, "assuming that you are able to accept what is being offered to you at this time". It's kinda been proven recently that I know I am not... which is just fucking perfect considering I spend most of my youthful, overly-romantic days wishing on stars, eye lashes (mine or those of my friends and lovers) teeth for the tooth fairy and birthday candles, looking for love. 

More specifically, true love. I can't ever deny that I'm not a hopeless romantic. Or maybe I watch too many John Hughes movies in my younger, wilder days. Or we never really know what we want. Or maybe John Lennon can't always be right. 

Whatever the reason, I probably won't stop wishing for love 

...but I'm not the only one.   

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kmackay said...

you are definitely not the only one.

i watched st. elmo's fire for the first time last night. geesh.