Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring it on.

In my almost 3 years here in The District, I have seldom been surprised by this city. It's crowded during tourist season. It rains a lot, duh, we're in a swamp. Rent is entirely too high. All the cute ones are either married or gay. Everyone works ALL the time. Nobody gives a damn about anything except complaining. And most irritatingly, no one, and I mean no one, has the common decency to ask a girl out... well, or so I thought...

It's not like Asheville here - in that the 'Ville is a fucking one horse town, and that horse is DEAD, but ain't exactly the Kentucky Derby either. Hence my surprise... I'll go ahead and warn you that I'm filing this under too early to tell... but none the less, I'm putting it out there. I actually got asked out. On a date. Whoa, I know. Wanna know the funniest part? I got asked out by a straight man in a gay bar. Typical.

Apparently good things do happen when you least expect it. As far as how I'll feel about the whole experience when combined with an actual date... we shall see... but at the very least, it's out there in the greater world that I am looking to go out on a date. Hear that universe?! Take me out on the town!

God I've been watching too much Sex & the City. I feel like Miranda. Coming out of a relationship that ended poorly, rolling straight into a (mostly expected) dry spell. I mean really... I took it on with full knowledge of what I was getting into... but damn. There wasn't even an obliging gentleman to give me the much-deserved get-over-your-ex-by-getting-back-on-the-band-wagon-one-night-stand. Hello? Isn't that like, mandatory? Oh well, I kinda gave those up some time ago anyhoo. Never really a good time, at least not for me. That's probably the best thing I ever gave up. No one night stand is ever willing to spoon, and this just doesn't cut it in my book. I don't demand much, but I demand a good spoon. Forks need not apply. This I'm sure you recall from previous posts, but let's just say, I'm looking forward to my next scoop of ice cream!


Erin said...

Get it, girl.
A proposition in a gay bar. I think you may have just made history! Hope it goes wonderfully!

kmackay said...

love love love "forks need not apply".