Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't Disdain, Sustain!

This is for all my friends who make me proud, but especially Karen, Alice and Nicole.

Many, many, many of my friends are dedicated to Sustainability. Some do it on a macro level, some on a micro level, and some, it is how they build their life. I like to claim to fall somewhere in between. I built this little 5 part photo gallery for my pal Karen to help her finish her Thesis. But, I thought it might be a nice thing to share with you few readers as well. Earth Day is coming up you know...

Queen said it best, “I want to Ride My Bicycle!”

Just like cheery Pee Wee Herman here, I have a lovely red bike that I ride to work, to the market, sometimes out for a date (if I ever get asked out on one) and generally just around town! Love. It. Well, I don’t own a car, so I’m always bipedal, but sometimes, you just wanna ride your bike!

To Market, To Market!

To buy a fat pig? No, not usually. I like to buy veggies grown in the area (considering that I live in the District of Columbia, this means VA and MD mostly), fresh farm eggs and anything in season. Not to mention, there are also lots of vendors who sell home made goods, mostly out of recycled items. And of course, my pickle man! They also have a killer crap cake sammie.

Bowl Me Over

Well, that is neither me or my bowl, but its close enough. I brought a bowl from my kitchen  to my office that I use when I eat things like soup or yogurt for lunch. It keeps me from using paper products that eventually end up in the trash, not recycled. Plus, it makes me happy, I bought it for a dollar at Goodwill, love some recycled goods… which brings me to my next point.

Recycle, Reduse, Reuse… and Close the Loop!

I recycle at home, work and whenever I can while out. I use paper bags from the grocery store as containers to take out the recycling. I’ve even been known to take an item out of the trash and put it in a recycling me a bum. Whatever!  In an effort not to just throw all my plastic out, I try to also reuse plastic food containers like the ones you get with sour cream, cottage cheese, or any variety of soup containers from a store like Whole Foods. They make great Tupperware.


I also like to reuse jars for various reasons. Mostly around the house instead of Tupperware or plastic - it keeps things fresher than anything else, doesn’t taste weird or leak things into your food when reheated, and are easier to clean. I also use them to drink tea; eat soup; hold snacks at work; and my personal favorite – as a vase when I bring flowers to a friend.


Erin said...

Love this post. I wanna see what your red bike looks like!
I brought my yogurt to work in a Mason jar this morning and I keep a plate, bowl and utensils in my desk so I don't have to use disposables.
Scott and I had a big discussion last night on sustainability. He purchased a $5 loaf of bread and a $12 pound of coffee at our 'hood farmers market. We discussed the price of each and what kinds of foods we feel are worth spending more on to support local biz and also organics or sustainable practices.
It's hard to go full-on, no compromises sustainable but some smart choices are better than none at all.

kmackay said...

Glad you posted this. I liked reading it.