Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Music Madness - Telekinesis

So for this Friday's Shout Out (blog idea courtesy of Erin Cox Adams), I'm sending you to one of my favorite NPR pages.

The one, the only... Carrie Brownstone. As a former guitarist/vocalist for Sleater Kinney, the woman knows her tunes. Her blog, Monitor Mix, is pretty awesome, and today, she posted one of the great NC bands, Telekinesis new single. They also happen to be a Merge Records hero of mine. Or is that just Merge? Anyway...

 It's totally catchy... and out tomorrow on CD. Does anyone even still buy those things? Check it out. "Dirty Thing" - Telekinesis

Also, if you want to hear one of my all time favorite songs and check out Sleater Kinney all in one fatal swoop... here it is.

Happy Friday everyone!


Erin said...

Rock on. Love the idea.
And I love Carrie. I wish she worked in this building, but with her being in Portland and all, that would probably make her less cool.

Shelby said...

Actually, she's in NYC now!!