Monday, June 21, 2010

Shout Out to Wye Oak

I don't really wish for anyone to die, at least not today, but I think this song is so beautiful, and perfect for this oh-so-hot-day of the First Day of Summer.
In the belly of the cloud
I was released
You were released
Was it deafeningly loud?
Or was it peace?
Sweet peace

All the streets
All filled with sounds
Because it's right
It's for the best
Still I sense
Their judgment now
As we ask for us just now

I can't sleep until I see you sleeping
Curse my mind and its all seeing eye
Watch the rise
And wonder if you're breathing
Against your will
You are alive

I do not recognize the world
That you have made,
That we have made
Still you fool yourself to ask
If you had stayed,
If we had stayed
At the ring of the bell
Or at the falling of the tree
If you think of it at all
Remember me, just me.

I can't breathe until I see you waking
Watching as the stars fall from your eyes
Toward the dream you will not remember
I hope you die.
I hope you die.
I hope you die.

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