Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 Things I Love

So, I was brushing my teeth and a really great song came on and I thought, I love when a song makes you smile in the middle of a random task. Though, I love to brush my teeth too... so that further made me think of other things I love... so, why not make a list? Here goes.

25 Things That I Love:

1. A great lyric - lately I have had a few songs on repeat solely to hear one line
      a) What a Drag, Bear Hands - "You've got them long nails... I dreaming of your goddamn long        nails..."
      b) Starring, Freelance Whales - "Shut me up with your long tub socks, they don't scream hey lets just  be friends" 
      c) Manteo,The Love Language - "I use to keep my nose clean but now I just sleep in the dirt"
      d) Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Radiohead - "Just as you dance, dance, dance, dance...."
      e) Naomi, Neutral Milk Hotel - "You're prettiness is seeping through out from the dress I took from you, so pretty" 

2. A good stretch that makes a random joint pop
3. Clean, cool sheets
4. Feeling the wind blow on a nice evening bike ride
5. Making a wish on someone else's birthday candle
6. Bad puns
7. Discovering a new band 
8. A great first kiss
9. Getting to the last page of a book
10. Feeling pretty
11. A well needed hug
12. A long talk on the phone
13. Cracking my knuckles
14. That dizzy feeling you get from the first few sips of a cold beer
15. Complimenting a stranger
16. Sunglasses
17. Making myself a really good dinner
18. Fitting back into something I haven't worn in a while
19. Laughing really hard
20. Introducing friends
21. Making out
22. Getting picked up
23. Feeling proud
24. Writing
25. Finding treasures on the sidewalk - like one of my broaches!

And as a p.s. I love making lists. What do you love?

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