Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Dreams Ripped At the Seams...

Oh, Danny and Sandy! "But uh, oh those Summer Nights..." I love that stupid movie and all it's true love nonsense. There really is nothing quite like Summer Lovin'... it's so flirtatious and full of promise! Even though so far this summer, I keep falling in love with no end in sight. With a musician, with a waiter, with a bike messenger... with a dream.

Ah the Bike Messenger! Something about the way he smiled, staggered a little. Apologized for being late. Wasn't even, really. I should've asked his name. Or maybe I should've hiked up my skirt, hopped on my own two wheels and joined him on the road for a delivery. A delivery to anywhere... straight to my heart. Or wait, that's you, but we'll get to you later. The bike messenger probably has a girlfriend. They all do. All the cute ones at least. Or they're gay. Or fucking crazy. Still, all the same, I should've asked his name. I wonder, should you tip a bike messenger? It be so awesome to slip them a cold beer in the middle of the stiff, cold lobby. I'd take a buck and a brew, a wink and a smile... shooooo.

But really, I don't love the bike messenger. Or the waiter... he was wearing jewelry after all, and for me that's about as offensive as a man who sprays on Axe. Just tacky. I will, however, always love the musician... all of them in their straight-to-your-heart-then-straight-out-the-door glory. Sigh.

But it's you... with your coy invitation to meet again, to somehow break this dream sequence. It was like a dream. An affair to remember. What dreams may come if your invitation is true. Could be so much more than this sleep perchance to dream. Not that we slept in each other's company. Still, poetically it all sounds so nice.

Here's to summer love, we've got time yet.

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kmackay said...

Really nice. I got the beginning of Grease the other night so it feels even more appropriate. And yes, the jewelry ruined the waiter.

Keep up the writing. This is good.