Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lovin' It: Shout Out to Love

I stumbled upon this HILARIOUS blog called Date Me, DC and just had to send her an email. So here it is. Please check out this blog, it is too funny (as if I need something else to distract me at work).

Hello Date Me DC,

My name is Shelby, and I too am attempting to date in this craptastic town. I left a one horse town (in which the horse was dead) and swear I have landed in the Valley of Ball-less Men. 

What, dare I ask, is the deal? 

I mean seriously. We attractive, fun, single gals already have to deal with the overwhelming number of gay boys (who I love) and douche bags (who I don't), so why are the single, straight guys willing to stare until their eyes fall out of their cute faces, but not actually TALK TO ANYONE!


I ask boys out (you sort of have to in these trying times), and I don't mind it, but damn, it just gets old after a while. Most of them have a girlfriend or a friend with benefits that they secretly want to date, or they just suck. Christ, even my Fuck Buddy is dating someone! I'm starting to see the dusty trail on the horizon... the one horse town is looking like its moving to the District.

Hence my writing to you. I've been enjoying the blog - spicy, funny, interesting, and your friends sound rad. I hope you have another Happy Hour and invite some dudes. Or like that party on Sex & the City, invite someone you're NOT interested in and see if someone else is. :) 

Anyhoo, thanks for listening, I'll keep reading. Tips are always welcome.

Keepin' it real (and single),

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I love're fantabulous.