Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes, It Just Feels Good To Ryhme

I've got a jumble of thoughts on my mind
and in order to get out of this bind,
I'm putting them on paper
so I will remember them later.
I'm jealous, it occurs.
With your arms around her.
With your heart enraptured.
With your words on a page.
With your soul out of its cage.
With new ink seeping in.
You who will never let me in.
With your hair torn out.
With your sob story bouts
With your lyrical asides.
With your heavy-hearted sighs.
 The way you look at me sometimes.
With your battery-operated heart.
How you somehow made it feel like I had a part
to play in the story of your life.
How I might have been your wife.
But now I'm just me
because we were never meant to be
And thank god for small favors
I hear they come in 31 flavors.
Don't think I didn't know how you felt at the time
how you wanted to be mine
how I would have held you forever
said something clever...
to make you stay just a little bit longer.
Its ok that I'll always be fonder.
That I remember how you taste
And I think of that sometimes and it makes my heart race,
a smile creep across my face
then I start to sing "Leather and Lace"
even though I'm completely out of tune
and might as well be howling at the moon.
I'm jealous of you sometimes, its true
and having a place to write it out as new
before I go on spoiling it for everyone like I can sometimes do.
It makes it easier to let go of,
try and get over and above.
Look in the mirror and love
recalculate how I feel
make sure its real
then start over again to let the layers peel.