Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter From a Hateful Place

I am in a hateful place. A place that brews darkness despite of the light. I want to explode but have not known how; had dreams of drowning and moments of madness. I hear lines like "You're the shit and I'm knee deep in it" and believe it. I feel fun and funny, fat and fabulous, fucking ridiculous, rabid, rowdy if you must, raw even, as if in a shell (if you know why a sly grin embraces my face, then you know me well)...

I am encumbered by this place, but somehow finding solace. I hate that too. In order to break out, I want to write a letter to this hateful place. A letter from love to hate.

So here goes.

Dear Hate,

As you open this letter, I take a deep sigh. I hope you can hear it. Hear it loud and clear as I sit in my white satin see-through listening to sad lyrics about empty spaces. Things about irrelevancy, about making history. About seeing in the dark, living a farce... hmph, I wish I could say more but it might ruin the surprise.

Hope things are as to be expected, I think of you often. Looking forward to our next moment in time.

- Love

P.S. I would never sign it "Best" though I sometimes wonder what I should say. Anything but goodbye seems right, but let me know your thoughts.

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kmackay said...

glad you wrote this. i want more.