Friday, August 5, 2011

From 0-30: Booze, a Bike and a Bar

She walked in with her hat turned low, looking every bit the part of a renegade. Taking the steps two by two, she hit the top and glanced around the bar finding it nearly empty. The bartender, previously deep in conversation with one of the only two patrons, dropped his jaw in awe at this presence.

"I'll take a shot of Jameson please. And I'll be right back." She said quickly, "Is the bathroom this way?"
"Alright!" said the now-chipper bartender and pointed toward the back of the bar.
A voice trailed her as she dipped around the bend, "Well that's a hell of a way to start the night!"

Coming back to the bar, she took the shot whole, slide a $10 out of her wallet and asked for the check. The drunk at the bar repeated himself, "Well that's a hell of a way to start the night."

"Yep," she said and smiled, "but I'm not staying long, I'm out on a bike ride." She put her change back in her purse, which happened to be the shape of a boom box stereo (and an actual one too). The bartender looked confused and amused.

"Is that a stereo?" He said and smiled.

"Yep, and it works too!", she turned to leave, "Thanks and have a good night!"

She bounded down the stairs and back into the night feeling at once dizzy on the booze and dizzy on the thought that even in the midst of a great night on your own, you can make someone else's night too.

LESSON FIVE: Always share joy.

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