Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From 0-30: Find Out How Hard I Got to Work It

Oh Missy Elliot, is it worth it? Do we always have to work it? Well, if I've learned anything in my nearly 30 years, it's this:

LESSON FOUR: If it ain't worth it, don't fucking bother.

I read this kinda silly article recently on The Frisky that got me thinking about how much of a waste of time it can be to keep yourself locked in situations that just aren't worth it. Whatever it is - money, time, energy, emotions, your future - if it's not worth it, don't fucking bother. This may in fact be why I'm single, and why I don't mind it as much as some of the other single ladies I know.

Who cares if I have a boyfriend? I mean, I'd like to have a boyfriend, but I'm not 22 anymore where some jerk can treat me like shit and it doesn't matter because, "at least I have a boyfriend". I don't want "just a boyfriend", I want someone who rocks my world. I want someone who loves me like my best friends do. I'm too old for the rest of that nonsense... truly, and I know I'm not old... hardly. I just know what I'm not to keen on anymore. I don't have time for stand ups, put downs, cheating hearts, bad kisses - even worse sex - and all the other unreliable (and sometimes down right horrible) crap you get when you date the wrong guy. 

The aimless assholes who still think playground humility is endearing are obviously misinformed. 

That's not to say I don't want to have any fun... I do... but I want to have some fun with a man! Where are they? Surely when you turn 30 the chances of finding an interesting, funny, handsome, nice man get better? Right? Don't answer.

Let's just say, here's hoping he can at least say "bless you" when I sneeze.

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kmackay said...

That's been my MO these days: "I want someone who loves me like my best friends do."

Just had a talk with one of my many awesome guy friends about it...Just want the dude I'm with to treat me like my best guy friends do. According to them it's not possible.