Saturday, August 27, 2011

From 0-30: These Boots Were Made for Walking

LESSON SEVEN: Listen to your friends, get a good pair of boots

I don't know much about heels, but I do know this: I can count at least five of my favorite women in the world who wear boots religiously. These women take the act of purchasing boots about as seriously as you take breaking in a new pair of Chucks. You don't buy boots unless you love 'em, and you don't throw away Allstars until they are literally broken. 

I woke up today, greeted by the first rains of Hurricane Irene and thought, what does one where out in a hurricane? The obvious answer is rain boots, but I thought it would add a little style to the whole affair by taking some advice and strapping on my Fryes before heading out on the town to battle constant downpour and 60 MPH winds. 

I have no doubt that I made the right choice, on the boots or the ladies... now if I could only meet a nice man named Chuck.


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kmackay said...

Um, I hope I'm one of those boots ladies cuz I feel like I am! And chucks too. Funny thing...a gal pal just told me a story yesterday about meeting a guy named Chuck who wears chucks...Loving the lessons, keep them coming.