Friday, May 21, 2010

Fuck Fat Camp... Here's My Five for Friday

1. I rode my bike to work in a skirt today. God, it is so sexy. Seriously. Even with a helmet on...

2. I have daisies in a jar on my desk. A Marinara jar to be exact... Mmmm.... spaghetti... and it's not this jar, but isn't it cute!?

3. Jockey Full of Bourbon - "Hey little bird, fly away home...." I'll be heading there next week!!

4. Breakfast! It's what's for Dinner... at least tonite it is and I can't wait!!! I fucking love having breakfast for dinner... It reminds me of my dad. Waffle House, however, makes me think of high school - smoking cigarettes, eating pie, drinking coffee until nearly ill and hanging out with my boyfriend. Sigh, good times. I loved him so much. Still do!

5. Kissing. It's literally the only thing on my mind. I want to kiss a boy so bad it makes my knees weak! I need a new crush like you need a new umbrella for the weekend weather forecast. It's on my list of weekend picks. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Friday!

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