Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From 0-30: Notes From Some Kind of Ground

LESSON THREE: Write it Down

A list of "A Few" things I like. 
Please ignore the spelling mistake (though it kinda fits too).

The only thing worse than finding a page of scribbled notes that you don't remember writing is trying to remember the thoughts at all. This is why I try my best to take notes when I have a good thought.  The writer in me hopes that I can make them into something special, which luckily sometimes I am able to do, while the old lady in me just hopes that I can remember them at all. 

"I've always considered writing the most hateful kind of work. 
I suspect it's a bit like fucking, which is only fun for amateurs. 
Old whores don't do much giggling." - Hunter S. Thompson

I don't want to turn into some kind of paper hoarder, so I should really try to carry around one of the little notebooks I have and keep my thoughts organized. I some how manage to carry an umbrella most of the time, you would think a little mole skin wouldn't be so damn hard. Maybe when I hit 30 I'll get better at remembering that.  

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kmackay said...

pretty sure i know a girl with one shoe lace shorter than the other, who gave you a pretty moleskine. :)